Hand-Drawn Planner 2018

Let me tell you about the story of my first artwork master-project, “Artworks for Charity”

BFE62823-8023-4C32-A3CD-FA5541CD35B3I decided to do the Hand-Dawn Planner 2018 since April 2017, I started by posting a video of the sample of my bullet journal and asking if anyone would interested to order if I made the planners in bullet journal style. Unfortunately I got 40-50 orders at that time and I was so surprised and felt really happy of how my friends were willing to support me even they didn’t know how was my planner gonna be like. After that day I started to make my Hand-Drawn Planner 2018 which I had written, drawn, and painted on every pages (88 pages) by my hands, with all my heart. The purpose was to donate the proceeds after selling to an orphanage and a nursing home in the south of Thailand. The orders were increased everyday because my friends shared the process of how I made the planner and it was spread somehow in the facebook.


Anyway these planners were made to order and unbelievable I had made the prints with more than a thousand copies! I was so happy and proud with the result. I wish that I could make this kind of artworks for charity more and more in the future, and I would love to fix the problems that I found during this project and I would love to improve some processes as well.





As the purpose of the project, the proceeds will go to charity as i will donate to Ban Sithammarat Home For Boys (Orphanage) in Nakhon Si Thammarat on 10th February 2018 and Ban Sritrang Elderly Nursing Home in Trang on 22nd April 2018.